The #MeToo Movement
  • What smart companies are doing. How to be proactive and leverage the movement in your organization.
Lean In
  • Why it’s taking so much time to drive change. How to develop strategies for your organization that will create and support your female leaders.
The Business Case for D&I
  • Studies prove it, but how do you build and demonstrate it in your organization? How to develop the right strategy for your organization.


It’s Not Just the Tech Industry’s Dilemma
  • Increasing diversity in today’s environment. What it takes to recruit and retain top diverse talent.
Keeping Millennials Engaged
  • The Power of Employee Resource Groups. How they can give your employees a voice, make your organization more inclusive, and add value to your organization or business.
Establishing Realistic D&I Goals
  • Too little or too much data? How to select, track and evaluate key D&I Metrics to improve your workforce diversity.
  • Don’t forget about the LGBTQ, and People with Disabilities (“PWD”) communities. How to develop voluntary and confidential self-disclosure processes to track LGBTQ and PWD employee data.


Career Coaching & Speaking Series
  • Your Brand: How to build your brand and be successful in a fast-paced environment.
  • Networking: Why you need it and how to grow naturally into it.
  • Career Transitions: How to build a portfolio of expertise, take risks, and be resilient throughout your career.
  • Why You Need a Sponsor: Much has been said about mentoring, but having someone who will put their reputation behind you and help accelerate your career is key.  What it takes to get a sponsor.
  • Setting Boundaries: How to work effectively in open workplaces and remote arrangements.
  • Superman? Superwoman? Or Balance? Debunking the myth about “how to have it all” and tips on how to make choices to find your personal balance.