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Board Governance

Arias Solutions can advise you on best practices for your nonprofit’s board’s structure, composition, risk management, and execution of board duties.  Specialties include nominating and governance, strategic planning, CEO compensation, succession planning and DEI.


Cultural Competency Training & Workshops

In the evolving workplace, Arias Solutions offers a variety of the latest training and workshops on emotional intelligence, cultural competency, and employee engagement for organizations of all sizes, including for profit and nonprofits.


New and Mid-level Professional Coaching

Each workplace is unique and the requisites for success may vary, yet there are fundamental skills needed across all organizations.  Consider whether your young and mid-level professionals can benefit from customized or small group coaching on soft skills such as, effective communication, emotional intelligence, stakeholdering, project management, and career planning.

Maria Arias is a seasoned business executive who brings solid judgment, clear-eyed realism and integrity to every project she undertakes. She is an expert in creating and growing infrastructure to support diversity and inclusion initiatives in the workplace. She understands the legal landscape and will help clients avoid potential pitfalls. Maria sees around corners and has a talent for using data to educate, elevate and execute. She is tireless and results-oriented. No one will work harder for her clients.

Charisse LillieCharisse LilliePrincipal, CRL Consulting, Former SVP Community Investment, Comcast Corporation

Diversity in the workplace can be a challenge to most companies and many have tried and failed. While working with Maria, there was a clear roadmap to our success each step of the way. She is an incredible leader and motivator who can work with all stakeholders required to create lasting change in a corporate environment. I have seen firsthand what a successful DEI program needs and what it takes to make the program a real benefit and not a cost.

Ken LeeKen LeeImmediate Past President of the Organization of Chinese Americans, Former UPS Executive

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