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Part 1: My Bi-Cultural Journey

“I was caught in the midst of two worlds, navigating the family pressure to be ‘Latino’ and the external pressures to assimilate, not speak Spanish, and be ‘American’.”

Millennial Talent

How Millennials Are Changing The Workplace Much has been said about Millennials. Specifically, how Millennial core values are quickly changing the way organizations and companies approach diversity and inclusion in today’s workplace. Here are a few reasons...

The New Pipeline: Women in Energy

There's an increasing focus on women in energy -- why?  The industry has a major talent gap given the looming, near-term retirement of its aging workforce.  According to a recent Boston Consulting Group study commissioned by the World Petroleum Council, nearly 75% of...

Beyond Consultants

Corporations spend millions of dollars each year on professional consultants and experts who provide critically important direction in order to surpass business outcomes and objectives. As important as it is to have a well resourced organization who can...