George Floyd‘s death should inspire each of us to change.

George Floyd’s death has captivated millions, not just here in the US, but across the world, and rightly so.

As Americans, a fundamental belief is that we are created equally, but our history and the ongoing recent deaths of black men prove that we do not treat each other equally. Some may want the protests to end, because they are a reminder that something in our enforcement system is just not right- and it hasn’t been right for a very long time. But, the demonstrations keep the pressure on – for a change in the culture in this country.

While each community of color and other underrepresented groups deal with hurdles, stereotypes, and lack of equal opportunity and inclusion, the experience of Blacks in our country is unique.

The history of race relations in America is complex and can’t be solved quickly or simply with government policies or money.
Each one of us needs to take a stand and support the Black community.

Let’s get better educated on their history – know the facts – and not just assumptions.

Let’s ask ourselves questions like:

  • Where do we live?
  • Who do we interact with?
  • Who do we mentor?
  • Who are friends?
  • Where have I traveled?
  • What do I read?
  • What organizations do I support?
  • The answers might give us insight on how the seemingly small changes that each one of us can make — can add up over time and help change the culture.
    Yes, it starts at the top. And, those in positions of power need to be held accountable.

    As importantly, we need to hold our family, our friends, our colleagues, and ourselves accountable too.